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About Sylla Designs

Sylla Designs is the practice of the silversmith/goldsmith trade that was taught and passed down through Sylla's family lineage in West Africa. The unique methods of hand-crafting intricate designs are an integral part of the Sylla family heritage and lifeblood - precious skills passed and taught only through the family line.


Sylla's craft consists of melting down metals and creating completely from scratch all materials and pieces. Designs are creatively imagined and contrived and then slowly formed into complex designs. Sylla creates many African style designs as well as designs with influences from around the world through travel and inspiration. He makes engagement rings, wedding bands, and signature jewellery pieces. Sylla enjoys working with clients to give new life to old, sentimental jewelry (sometimes re-sized or completely melted into something new) as well as new custom creations and repairs.


Sylla's exceptional skills are truly unique and it is his philosophy and belief in his Canadian citizenship to offer and share his treasured skills in Canada. This work is an ingrained piece of crucial culture and a gift to the community. This trade is one of only a couple in all Canada and a rare and special piece of local culture.